music: Scorpions by Nero


Law Abiding Citizen- Tranquilised Needle Gun

Tranquilised Needle Gun3d tracked the gun, modeled and rendered the needles in Maya and Mental Ray. I rendered numerous diffuse, spec and grime layers and comped them together in Nuke. The puncture holes, scarring and veins were created as an element in photoshop. I tracked them into position on the hand using Mocha surface tracking and Nuke integration. The drops of blood were filmed as elements using fake blood and a punctured cherry was used to create elements for the needle holes. I then used the Mocha tracking data from the hand to comp these elements in with Nuke.


Immortals – Aries Rampage

exploding_headsIn this gory sequence, Aries the God of War rampages through a War Band destroying them by smashing their heads with his hammer. I created the assets for the helmets and shattered them in Maya and then created the simulations in Realflow for their explosions. This featured numerous fluid, rigid body and soft body simulations all working together. The simulations were baked, exported and brought back into Maya to be rendered and comped by our lighting expert, Charles Le Guen.  A colleague, Matt Evans, created one of the explosions and also created the cloth simulations for the scraps of leather worn round the throat. Our Houdini artist, Mike Lyndon, created passes for the fine spray that came off the explosions. Rob Rossello, our compositor then put all these elements together in Nuke along with the trails coming off Aries. I recently answered an interview for a Realflow Case study for the Next Limit website in which I talked about how I used Realflow in this sequence. It can be found here.


Immortals – Zeus Landing

Zeus LandingIn this shot I created the comet and gold fire effect for Zeus falling to earth. I animated a rough model for the animation of Zeus falling through the sky as a comet and impacting with the ground. I then exported this animation to Houdini and created a fluid simulation that was driven by the animation. From this I advected particles and rendered fractal RGB passes. I used these  to create the gold, purple and white layers in Nuke. Numerous other passes for the comet were rendered from Maya.


Mirror Mirror – Aging the Queen

witchOne of the sequences we delivered on Mirror Mirror required us to age Julia Roberts into an old woman. I created the system that was used to track our Matte paintings onto the face using simple point trackers that connected to pins within Nuke. These expressions allowed us to track the faces extremely easily in 2D and we had no use for 3d work or numerous surface tracks. The system worked so well that when we delivered for the first preview we only had to create one matte painting and the tracking fitted it relatively to all eleven shots in the preview.


Mirror Mirror – Bee stinging the lips

beeI created the entire pipeline for this cg character. I modeled, rigged and animated the bee within Maya. Lighting and rendering was done using Mental Ray and numerous passes were created, including a subsurface scattering pass to create the translucent look to the abdomen in comp.  The fur was created in Maya using Joe Alter’s Shave and a Haircut plugin and was rendered out in separate passes using the pk Hair shaders available online. I then comped the shots in Nuke. Later after the show I rendered some macro shots of the bee to show its detail for my showreel.


Mirror Mirror – Bird flies through window

birdIn this character shot I modeled and rigged the bird. It was a challenge creating a rig that was easy to use for the animator and gave full macro control of the feather but also allowed for their individual placement. The bird was later animated by Jay Randall, then lit and rendered by Matt Evans.


Mirror Mirror – Human to cockroach transition

cockroachIn this shot,  Nathan Lane is transformed into a cockroach. The shot had a number of stages starting with comping three plates together to create the six arm effect. Next a model was created and projection mapped with the plate. This was used for the immediate transition as he curls and flips into the air. This projection mapped model was then mixed with cg cockroach legs and shell. These three elements were then comped in Nuke.